Once you complete all of the "Next Steps" after finishing the tutorial, you can join or create a team!

To create a team, you choose a name and tagline, which can be any sort of description or phrase that you want. Next, you decide if you want a "Scroll Requirement" for members to join. This makes it where other players would need a certain number of Scrolls in order to join the team. Then, you decide whether to make the team "Open" or "Invite Only" to join. If a team is invite only, new players must either be invited to join the team or have their request to join the team accepted. It costs 50,000 gold to create a team.

Teams can have up to 10 players on them. There are 3 levels of membership on a team: Captain, Partner, and Member. Higher membership allows you to promote, demote, or kick off players of lower team membership. You must be a Captain or Partner to invite new players to a team.

Players on a team are allowed to gift each teammate 1 free gem a day. This does not cost anything--the player that is gifted the gem receives 1 gem, and the player that did the gifting does not lose any gems.

Players are also able to chat with their teammates about anything and everything under the chat tab of the team section.

Once on a team, players can earn Blue Scrolls in Multiplayer attacks. The amount available in an attack is based on the number of Scrolls that the defending player possesses. Your team's Blue Scroll count is used for the Blue Scroll tournament every week--a chance to earn pride and lots of gems for your team. Blue Scrolls are reset on a weekly basis.

Besides the Blue Scroll tournament, there is also a weekly Scroll tournament. Teams compete for Spelldom supremacy and gems in the Scroll team tournament. Standings for both tournaments can be seen in the team rankings.