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Do you have the word game skills to raid your enemies, build an epic town, and propel your team to victory?

In Spelldom, you won’t see the usual sort of barbarians that love to disrupt virtual civilizations. No, you and the enemy will be attacking with magical words. All those word games you’ve played over the years were just to get you ready for this!

Navigate through your enemy’s defenses by quickly spelling words and unleashing devastating spells. Crush the opposition’s Castle, steal the loot, and upgrade your own defenses before your opponents attack you. Form powerful teams and compete against the best players from around the world!

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Spelldom is a strategy word game hybrid developed by HangZone. While other strategy games allow you to deploy troops then sit-back and watch the attack unfold, Spelldom attacks require quick thinking, bold execution, and and mastery of the lexicon from start to finish. Other word games you've played probably took place on a board, not a virtual world ready to be ruled by you and your teammates.

The Spelldom Wikia is here to help you dig into the complexities and nuances of Spelldom's magical world. Check out the defenses, objectives, spells, and anything else you need to devise the perfect defense or execute the perfect attack. Please expand on any of the information, whether it be with additional facts and figures, or by advancing the Spelldom metagame with your new strategies.

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