Bomb Squad: Explode 15 Bombs in 1 turn on Single Player Level 50. 120 gems

Expert Attacker: Win 200 Multiplayer attacks. 120 gems

Expert Defender: Successfully defend 100 attacks. 120 gems

The Ocho: Spell an 8 letter word. 120 gems

Baron: Earn 2,000 Scrolls. 450 gems

Ludicrous Play: Score 100 points on a single play. 120 gems

Crazy Score: Score 250 points in an attack. 120 gems

Dark Elf Extinction: Win 150 stars in Single Player: 120 gems

Historic Haul: Steal 500,000 gold in one Multiplayer attack. 120 gems

Nod to the Developers: Spell 'HANG' and 'ZONE' in a single attack. 120 gems

Top of the Alphabet: Play each letter 'A' through 'M' in one attack. 120 gems

More Powerful Hour: Win 20 Multiplayer attacks in one hour. 120 gems

Blue Fire Double Minute: Win while on Blue Fire for at least 2 minutes. 120 gems

Fiery Finish: Win 30 Multiplayer matches while on Blue Fire. 120 gems

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