Daily Master: Have a perfect round on Day 10 of the Daily Game. 240 gems

Fabled Warrior: Win 500 Multiplayer attacks. 240 gems

Indestructible: Successfully defend 250 attacks. 240 gems

Span the Board: Spell a 9 letter word. 240 gems

Champion: Earn 3,000 Scrolls. 1,500 gems

Extremely Unlikely Play: Score 150 points on a singe play. 240 gems

Mind Boggling Score: Score 400 points in an attack. 240 gems

Bottom of the Alphabet: Play each letter 'N' through 'Z' in one attack. 240 gems

The Perfect Day: Win a Multiplayer attack every hour for 24 consecutive hours. 240 gems

Speed Demon: Crush a Level 10 Castle in less than 30 seconds. 240 gems