Spelldom has unique attack system compared to other strategy games. Rather than deploying troops, you attack with tiles. To start your attack, you need some tiles in your Tile Bag. Tap your Castle, then tap the tile button at the bottom of the screen. We recommend filling up your entire Tile Bag, so you don't run out during battle. Then tap the attack button. You can choose between the Single Player, Multiplayer, and Daily Game Modes.

For all modes, your primary goal is to take the opponent's Castle. Most towns have an objective that must be completed before you can destroy the Castle. You can read it on the billboard. Completing the objective will remove the forcefield from around the Castle.

Your first move must be on your opponent's Portal, since that's the entrance to his town. Each move consists of placing one or more tiles in a single row or colum to spell one or more words. Each new play must connect to one of your previous plays. Tap the submit button when you're done with your word. Navigate across the board and play a word on top of the Castle to win the attack.

If you win the attack, you can get one, two, or three stars. Simply destroying the Castle earns one star. You can win a second star for destroying all of your opponent's Gold Wheels. Those all have gold in them, so that's some additional incentive to take them. The other star is for scoring at least as many points as your opponent's point goal. The higher your opponent's Castle is, the higher his point goal will be.

That's basic premise of an attack, but there are several helpful techniques to keep in mind. If you don't like the tiles in your rack, try using a discard. You can choose which tiles in your rack to replace, provided you have more tiles in your Tile Bag. You're able to do this twice per match--or more if you've upgraded your capabilities in the Market.

If you have a level 3 Portal, you can also use spells in battle.