Epic Winning Streak: Win 10 Multiplayer attacks in a row. 60 gems

Advanced Attacker: Win 50 Multiplayer attacks. 60 gems

Advanced Defender: Successfully defend 25 attacks. 60 gems

King Me: Ugprade Castle to Level 8. 60 gems

Knight: Earn 1,200 Scrolls. 180 gems

Amazing Play: Score 70 points on a single play. 60 gems

Massive Score: Score 150 points in an attack. 60 gems

Monster Heist: Steal 300,000 gold in one Multiplayer attack. 60 gems

Big Tile Impresario: Play a 'J', 'Q', 'Z', and 'X' in a single attack. 60 gems

Beloved Teammate: Gift 200 gems to teammates. 60 gems

Down to the Wire: Win an attack using your last tile. 60 gems

Maestro of the Alphabet: Play 18 different letters in one attack. 60 gems

Power Hour: Win 10 Multiplayer attacks in a single hour. 60 gems

Breaking Down Walls: Crush 20 Master's Flags in Multiplayer attacks. 60 gems

Flash Attack: Crush a Level 5 or higher Castle in less than 30 seconds. 60 gems