First Victory: Win an attack for the first time. 15 gems

Winning Streak: Win 3 Multiplayer attacks in a row. 15 gems

Novice Attacker: Win 5 Multiplayer attacks. 15 gems

Novice Defender: Successfully defend 5 attacks. 15 gems

Half a Dozen: Spell a 6 letter word. 15 gems

Up and Coming Castle: Upgrade Castle to Level 3. 15 gems

Journeyman: Earn 100 Scrolls. 15 gems

Nice Play: Score 20 points on a single play. 15 gems

Good Score: Score 50 points in an attack. 15 gems

Broken Defense: Crush 10 defenses in Multiplayer attacks. 15 gems

Dark Elves' Annoyance: Win 10 stars in Single Player. 15 gems

Big Haul: Steal 100,000 gold in one Multiplayer attack. 15 gems

Team Player: Gift 10 Gems to teammates. 15 gems

Daily Perfection: Have a perfect round on the Daily Game. 15 gems

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